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The Global Leadership Programme

Everyone is a leader in one form or another. Whether you are responsible for a team or task, a junior executive in an organisation, or the CEO, your leadership skills matter. Designed for existing and aspiring leaders, this 6 week live-online leadership programme offers a unique blend of thought leadership, practical application and personal development that equips professionals to make a significant impact in their organisations and projects. Covering a range of critical areas including Adair-accredited Action-centred Leadership (ACL), Strategic Visioning, Ethical Leadership & Emotional-Spiritual Intelligence, this programme will help you discover your own authentic leadership style and will improve your ability to lead people and projects effectively.

Delegates will also benefit from innovative leadership development tools such as the Leadership Type Indicator – LTI (C) and an authentic leadership (ALQ) self assessment form, which will help delegates discover their own leadership style. The programme will strengthen your ability to lead with credibility, drive change, and deliver results in increasingly competitive and complex environments.

Delegates will receive two certificates on completion, one from Adair International confirming completion of the ACL element of the programme, and one from the Murabbi-Oxademy GLP confirming completion of the full programme.

The GLP is a globally accessible programme designed and delivered jointly by Murabbi Consulting and Oxademy Business School. It is a 6 week live-online programme involving a simple commitment of 2 hours per week. The GLP employs a dynamic approach to e-learning. All classes are live, interactive and includes real time surveys, handouts and optional assignments.

What you can expect

Gain an enhanced understanding of leadership by challenging your preconceived notions of what leadership means, and whether it is nature or nurture.

Discover and develop your own authentic style of leadership mapped against our 11 authentic leadership qualities framework.

Strengthen your ability to lead with credibility, drive change and deliver results in increasingly competitive and complex environments.

Improve your understanding of the motivations and attitudes that drive you and others, connect those drivers to corporate objectives and ultimately become a more purposeful and effective leader.

Gain increased emotional and spiritual intelligence, increasing ones influence and ability to lead and inspire people to transform themselves and their work.

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